PROJECT EXPERT – Manufacturing/ Electronics/ Maintenance/ Chemical


  • Leading international project teams across different functions and locations.
  • Be globally accountable for at least one of the following fields of process technology:
  • Interconnection
  • Encapsulation
  • Laser technologies
  • Process materials
  • Related knowledge of machine automation or customized application is beneficial.
  • Initiating long-term strategic activities in the field of global production process technology, including
  • Preparation of business plans.
  • Sketching programmes.
  • Buy in Top Management for your ideas and put them into reality.
  • Show possible applications and options in the market.
  • Benchmark suitable technology solutions and define new standards (system, manufacturing machines / equipment, material, software, etc.).
  • Executing or coordinating experiments and related measurements, investigations and evaluation of results.
  • Define rules and guidelines for production process technology as well as related design rules for RnD.
  • Be internal technology consultant, also to pilot and train process technology (e.g. new machines, new processes) to partners in the Production and Industrial Engineering Departments.
  • Lead or participate in Global Expert Teams for Process Technology improvement and standardization.
  • Manage Technology Lifecycle such as phase in or phase out of existing production process technologies.


  • University/ Master Degree in Engineering / Science (Materials, Physics, Chemistry, Mechatronics, Production Technology,  ), general sciences or equivalent.
  • Have 10 years of experience  in related field of  industry with  at least 05 years strong experience in production process technology .
  • At least basic knowledge of project management required with will to develop towards a global project leadership role. A PMP or comparable project management certification will be an added advantage.
  • Basic understanding and application experience in the area of statistics on process development and performance analysis and related software like Minitab or Q-DAS package will be an added advantage.
  • Familiar with manufacturing working environment, especially within electronic industry would be benefitial.
  • Ability to understand and resolve situations and to make recommendations.
  • Searching for an appropriate solution and taking the necessary action(s) without prompting from supervisor.
  • Desire to perform, willingness to take on extra work.
  • Ability to handle difficult situation and pick themselves up, and/or grow as a result.
  • Reliability in action
  • Predictable behaviour, continuity in statements and actions.
  • Good English skills
  • Salary: negotiable

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