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Services Overview

The New Target, having developed a strong understanding of the market, already have a strong track record of placing executives with some of the world’s leading service providers. We are in the perfect position to assist you in your search, whether you are a candidate from within the industry looking for a career move or recruiting for your


Our candidates at The New Target are just as important as our clients. We understand how important changing your job or advancing your career can be, which is why the recruitment consultants offer you more support, expertise or opportunity. The key to our services are firstly listening. Before we act on your behalf, we take … See more “CAREER CHECK”

Book Our Interview

The company normally only interview for specific running projects & opening vacancies. However, we realized that many candidates have the wish to be interviewed and get valuable career advice. Therefore we developed this ” Book Our Interview ” service.

Our different

The New Target is a successful, vibrant & ambitious place to work & an organization that is proud of its people-first culture. As such, we take care to create a work environment that respects the value of individual experience & urges consultants to follow their intuition & develop their own approach & style. This focus … See more “Our different”

Our Services

The New Target have the recruitment expertise consultants to understand the increasing complexity of executive & board member recruitment, while many companies possess general recruitment experience & create one-size-fits-all shortlists. We excel in bringing our clients services tailored to their specific requirements, & has both the resources & the knowledge to undertake detailed global searches. … See more “Our Services”

Why choose us

The New Target, the world’s fastest growing career community, are hiring on the consultant team. We truly provide a great exemplary service to clients and candidates alike. We want to work in a professional environment surrounded by a collaborative team full of really smart people. We ensure that the best solution is achieved through a … See more “Why choose us”